...And a couple darn fine websites

Via Also Not Found in Nature, an excellent educator's resource on the history of Jim Crow, entitled, of course, Jim Crow, aka "American Aparteid" for those who might have thought Mr. Crow an actual historical figure.

It's beyond irony that the site is sponsored by New York Life, notorious for its redlining within and of Black communities, and one of several insurance companies embroiled in the reparations debate.

That's even one better than Royal Dutch/Shell Oil's sponsorship of the Black Press USA - History site. Shell is implicated in the murder of Ken Saro-Wiwa, an outspoken Nigerian playwright, author and critic of the corrupt, colluding government and oil establishments. Shell is also currently accused of complicity in human rights abuses in the African nation. When I was driving, I boycotted Shell for its holdings to stop fighting in then-aparteid-ruled South Africa.

Jim Crow, and Black Journalism History...Well, I guess these particular Afghan corporations ought to know. The sites are excellent. Give them at least a once-over.

Almost finished with the clean-up. I'll also make links to the posts on entertainment/entertainment history, since peeps seem to like those.